Sunday, 15 January 2017

Finally Finding 2017

It's the third week of 2017, and I'm only just seeing it. I was struck down. Thankfully not by the hand of God, because that's so 2016 and I haven't quite reached that superstardom status. Yet. I have been struck down with germs, with laryngitis, with flu, with liquids coming out of my face constantly. I went from total absence of voice straight to 'squeaky dog toy', totally missing out the sexy husky phase. I have lived off marmite, tinned soup and ginger tea...and penicillin. I watched 3 seasons of Modern Family in almost 3 days, and have seen more films than I did in the whole of 2016. I've slept, a lot, and woken up either in pools of my own dribble or choking my own saliva. I've never been so thankful for the 2 blankets, hot water bottle, and 100 pairs of socks I received for Christmas.

It has not been glam. 

But the end is in sight. I could taste my own dinner last night, and I'm not in an uncontrollable state of confusion about whether I need a cold flannel or a hot water bottle. I am ready to emerge from underneath my cosy pug blanket and stick my New Year's Resolutions up on the wall, and start 2017 for reals. 2016 was a year of big change: I started it a student, living at home, and finished it a graduate, at work, and living in my own (my landlord's own) flat. 2017 is going to be a year for more change, for continuing building a platform for myself...and for maybe changing the direction, shape and style of that platform. 2016 was a year in which I wanted to do more things for me but, after an epic summer of total me time, slightly got lost amongst long working days and train delays. So in 2017 I'm going to reign that back in, and remember that I love doing stuff that isn't just planning my packed lunch, sleeping in and browsing Oliver Bonas. 

Every single year, I wish the same few things: that I would read more, that I would worry less, and that I spent more time outdoors. Those things remain, and probably will forever, but specifically this year, these are the things I would like to achieve: 

1. Cook one new thing every single week
Since starting work, cooking has become my no.1 relaxation method. After a week spent mostly sitting down, I love pottering about in the kitchen at the weekend. It gives me something to concentrate on, and stops me thinking about the stresses of the week. It's an opportunity to be creative in a totally productive way (I can make all the dinners for the week), and it means that we don't live off the same few meals. I've already sat down with a pile of cookbooks and marked out a bunch of recipes I'm keen to try, so I've just got to work my way through them!

2. Take up some form of regular exercise
I am not fit. I do a lot of steps...through the tube station, wandering aimlessly around Waitrose...but very little that's going to make me a pinnacle of health. I want to be one of those people that does a thing, be it running or boxing or dancing or yoga, because I feel like once you start, you just do it and you don't think about. And I need exercise to be part of my actual routine to make sure I continually do it. My aim is to get up and run somewhere one morning at the weekend, and hopefully make the most of the lighter evenings in the summer. I'm also really keen to get back into dance, meet some new dancing pals, and get toned. 

3. Do at least one fun thing every weekend
I love a chilled weekend, I do, but there's nothing worse than going back to work on a Monday having done nothing but watch tv, laundry, cook a week's worth of dinners and slob all weekend. I know we all need down time (I definitely do), but sometimes that down time absolutely needs to be going somewhere and doing something. Even if it's just popping into the Kent countryside for some fresh air and a long walk, or going to the cinema, or for dinner, I'm going to make sure I make the effort to pop on some lipstick or some walking boots, or something that isn't leggings and a massive jumper, every single weekend. 

4. Travel somewhere new
I really want to go to New York. I want to live the Gossip Girl life, and go and see The Colour Purple on Broadway, and I want to drive in a giant loop to Vermont and back via Niagra. But money. And time. So it's just as well that I also really want to go to Jersey. Simon adopted me an orangutan from Jersey Zoo for Christmas, and I am desperate to go and visit my honorary baby. I also want to go to the Lakes, and Krakow, and Paris, and Slovenia, and have a relaxing long weekend somewhere nice and sunny. I'm being ambitious. 

5. Go to the theatre more
I live in London, and I love the theatre, and I hardly ever go. It's an absolute travesty, and isn't caused by anything other than my own lack of organisation/drive/sorting myself out (and the fact it is stupidly expensive). This year I promise to go to the theatre more, whether it's to see the funniest people I know performing their new play (24th & 27th January, London Bridge, go and get your tickets immediately), or it's hitting the West End. I have tickets for the Kite Runner and The Glass Menagerie, and have obviously registered for Hamilton pre-release. I quite fancy An American in Paris, and would go and see The Lion King and Book of Mormon again at the drop of a hat. 

I'm kind of looking forward to it. 
Let 2017 commence (properly). 

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