Thursday, 15 December 2016

a VERY happy birthday

December has always been my favourite month of the year. Despite the cold and the dark and the chill blains, it's festive, cosy, and I have my birthday AND Christmas to look forward to. I'm all about double celebrations, and if you try hard enough, it is possible to drag your birthday out all the way up to Christmas. 

One of my first memories is of my 4th birthday party, in a leisure centre, with a strong focus on the Spice Girls (I wanted to be Scary Spice but I never quite had the 'look'). I always really looked forward to birthdays, and birthday parties, and was never one of those kids that cried and hated being the centre of attention. In fact, that was the best thing about birthdays (alongside party bags). Over the years I've had puppetry parties, disco parties, pantomime parties, sleepover parties, pottery parties, eat your body weight in Greek food parties, surprise parties, laser quest parties, Rocky Horror parties and, now, roller skating parties. The nature of the party hasn't really matured...except that there's less cake and more gin cocktails...but the motivation has. My 10th disco party was born out of the very simple question 'how can I get away with having a birthday party where I can invite everyone I know and thus get the maximum number of presents?' whilst my 23rd was more of a 'I know loads of really nice people who I don't see often enough, and it would be great to spend an evening with them all'. And actually, this time round, I still ended up with loads of presents (just slightly more unexpectedly) and had a really great evening with lots of really great people.

Since my birthday is at the time of year when lots of people are busy (with Christmas parties, and family events, and work, and life, and can't face the train strikes) or ill, in recent years, no matter how hard I've or anyone else has tried, it ends up being a teensy bit disappointing. Whether it's people bailing on you at the last minute, or storms destroying all the trees so your house is virtually unreachable, it's not ideal, and it's made me a bit sad. So when it came to organising something for my birthday this year, I decided I was going to be 100% chill about it. I was going to invite the people I wanted to see (and not the people I felt obliged to invite), I was going to let everyone make their own arrangements, and I was just going to wait and see who turned up and have a bloody spectacular time with those who did. And, you know, it was great. I feel like I'm turning 23, the biggest non-age since turning 14, surrounded by wonderful friends, a brand new elephant mug, and a reinforced confidence that becoming a pro roller skater is not my calling. 

So even though today I had to get up at 6.45am and go to work, I think my 23rd is one of my best birthdays yet. I had SUCH a nice weekend, I'm transporting a lot of lemon drizzle cake to work, and I'm coming home to an evening of presents and pyjamas and chicken nuggets. It's a VERY happy birthday. 


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