Monday, 8 August 2016

Happy Mondays #26

I think this is the first Monday morning of the year that I've woken up sweaty, so I guess that means it's officially summer now and I'm really happy about it. Three pretty chilly weeks in South Africa, and missing the infamous British heatwave, made me worried that I'd missed summer forever and it was only a matter of time before my tan faded and was replaced by my knitwear. BUT ALAS NO! Today I get to enjoy London in the sun, which is the best kind of London (unless you're on the tube, at work, battling tourists) and I'm excited. Last week was a week of estate agents, lusting over homeware & life admin. I hope this week is one of sun, friends & countryside weekends. 

This week I'm happy because...

1. I had a lovely day out with my Nan
Lots of my fondest childhood memories are of days out with my Nan: going to the theatre, going to the seaside, visiting every National Trust property within a 20 mile radius. In the last couple of years, it's gradually been reduced to a lunch date here, a dinner date there, or an afternoon sorting out the mess Windows 10 has inevitably created on her laptop. A day out to Eltham Palace in South London was well overdue, since both of us had spoken about wanting to visit for a long time. Run by English Heritage, Eltham Palace was a medieval palace transformed into an elaborate, Art Deco mansion by the Courtald's in the 1930s. It feels very homely, but very Gatsby - a guesthouse come party venue. We were both really impressed with how well it's been kept and restored, and learned lots about the house and the family with our free audio guides! We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and catch up in the conservatory and a wander around the gardens and rockeries before heading back to Sussex. It was a really lovely day, and Eltham Palace is definitely worth a visit if you've ever got a spare half day in South London! 

2. Orange is the New Black season 4
I really enjoyed the first 3 series, but found myself struggling with the beginning of series 4. I started watching it before I went to South Africa, but wasn't nearly as gripped as usual and, as a result, didn't binge watch it in 48 hours. I decided to have a break, and leave the remainder of the series until I came back. It got better, and yesterday morning I watched the final two episodes, and oh my god. I was not ready for my favourite character to be killed off at 9am on a Sunday morning. I'm not going to lie, it was an emotional morning. I wept into my cup of ginger tea, and lost my appetite for my anticipated bacon sandwich - opting for a simple piece of toast instead. I felt guilty that I doubted the series, and Netflix, at the beginning of the season because that was an excellent ending, if not a totally traumatic one. It has so cleverly set up so many story lines and questions and relationships for the next series: what's going to happen to Sofia? Will Healy be back? Will Dia shoot him? What will Caputo do? Why is Taystee so badass? I like that the series is running so many good stories that don't revolve around Piper and Alex (because they suck), and I can't wait until the new series next year! 

3. A scorching Saturday
I was in bed by 9.15pm on Friday night (watching OITNB) and wide awake at 6.45am on Saturday morning. It was already really warm, and the sun was beaming through the gap in my curtains, and I decided it was going to be a good day. I made myself breakfast, and returned to bed to eat it, returning to OITNB grip. The best thing about waking up really early at the weekend is that you feel like you've had a really leisurely morning by 8.30, and you have so much day left. I had a nice day in the sun with my mum, chilling in the garden, barbecuing, and shopping for Cava, sandals and workwear. It turns out that it's virtually impossible to buy work trousers and/or skirts that fit if you're really little, but it also turns out that Aldi sells good Cava (but very little else). You could say that it was a day of monumental discoveries. Either way, I finally invested in some sandals, I ate many a sausage, drank many a G&T and topped up my tan - and that's what I call a Saturday well spent. 

4. The Olympics 
I  l o v e  The Olympics. I am not an athlete, and I know very little about sport, but I would happily sit and watch The Olympics for two weeks solid. It's not that I'm especially patriotic, and I don't really care how many medals Team GB win, but there's something about watching all of these athletes at the top of their field that just blows my mind. They can just run so fast and jump so high and swim like a giant human fish. I know we're only on Day 3, but I don't seem to have managed to catch the most thrilling events yet. I feel like I've seen a lot of archery and hockey. I need to step up my game, check out the schedule and commit to some hardcore watching! 

Hope you all have happy Mondays, and lovely, sunny weeks! X

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