Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden has been on my 'to visit' list for years and years, and I finally got round to booking the tickets to go last weekend. The Sky Garden is located at the top of the Walkie Talkie building, and is a kind of conservatory-esque deal, with a lovely open bar and a couple of luxurious restaurants. The tickets are free, but must be booked in advance, and provide you with an hour timeslot - long enough to enjoy a drink and the beautiful views over London. The restaurant must be booked separately and you are, of course, not limited to an hour! 

We booked a 18.15 - 19.15 timeslot, ideal for pre-dinner drinks, and to see the beginning of the sunset. We arrived 10 minutes early, but queued for at least 25 minutes to get in, so leave plenty of time the make the most of your visit! We zoomed up 155 metres, and were welcomed by a glamorous, bright bar area with a viewing balcony at the front of the building. The bar menu was really extensive, and they cocktails looked incredible - but we opted for some slightly less expensive drinks and began our tour of the Sky Garden. The views are really spectacular, and you can see for miles and miles. It's a really strange feeling to go from walking through the City, constantly looking up, to looking down on all the buildings around you. It's a different perspective: there are roof gardens you never knew existed, and you can see all the twists and turns of the river. I just wish I knew what everything I could see was, all the office towers and huge buildings in the distance that looked like country mansions.

The atmosphere in the Sky Garden was perfect. There was just the right number of people to create a lively, but not busy, atmosphere, and the in house band was the perfect accompaniment. When we finished our drinks, we headed out on to the balcony where you really understood just quite how high you were! I loved it - being up so high, and feeling like you were really outside, almost up in the clouds! We asked a security guard to take a couple of photos for us, and he quite literally conducted an entire photo shoot, taking photos of us from every imaginable angle, ensuring all the notable sights were in the background of at least one picture! It was wonderful, and hilarious. Then, before we knew it, our time slot was up and our dinner reservation was calling. An hour doesn't sound like a lot, but by the time you've had a drink and a wander, there's not much else to do. I could have happily stayed for another drink, but I wasn't too disappointed about having to shoot off - especially knowing that it's free to visit and I can come back another time! I would definitely recommend the Sky Garden, and I'm looking forward to coming back another day to splash out on one of those cocktails! 

Have you been to the Sky Garden? What did you think?

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