Monday, 20 June 2016

Happy Mondays #22

I'm not going to lie to you, I've been a bit sad this week. Pretty much every plan I made between Monday and Thursday either got cancelled, or just didn't happen; it rained semi-permanently; and I had a recurring dream about being chased by vegans. That, combined with the horrific news of the week, and a decision to re-watch season 3 of OITNB which just reminded me of horrible transphobia, made me an unhappy human. But then Friday came, and it was sunny, and I got to hang out with old friends and I had a really nice weekend of super chill and musical theatre and homemade paella. And now I'm happy again, even though it's raining so much, and feels like the first day of winter, not summer. 

The things that have made me happy this week...

1. Making stuff
Sometimes I wish that I had some sort of manual job, and hadn't spent the last three years of uni just thinking about stuff and writing stuff. I think about how satisfying it must be to go to work in the morning and leave having built a wall or painted a room - to really be able to see your day's work. That's why I like making stuff. I like the instant results, I like being able to see what you're doing and how it's progressing, and I like cutting and sticking. So I've started a new craft project, a surprise for Simon's birthday, but a surprise I know will inevitably look nothing like the one on the YouTube tutorial. I've already encountered a couple of problems: I spent a long time looking for a ruler, and attempted the project rulerless (bad idea), and then restarted with ruler; I bought card that was too thick and wouldn't bend into the right shapes; and I tried to double all the measurements...but then forgot to double some of them, so it's a bit topsy turvy. So wish me luck, I'm going to stick with this project and see how it turns out before I seriously consider becoming a bricklayer. 

2. Old friends
Sometimes, when you've not seen someone in years, you have the best catch-ups. You cut the crap, you don't talk about that weird thing that happened to you on the train four days ago, and you get down to the important things. It's a bit of a whistle-stop tour, but there's something quite cathartic about it, because you realise all the things you've done that are important, and all the things you've sort of forgotten because they've become part of your everyday life. The gap makes you realise how much you've changed, and they've changed, as people; how you're no longer sixth formers but actually real life adults with (or trying to get) real life jobs. It also reminds you that there are more people in your life than you think - there's not just the friends you see, or try and see, all the time, there's the ones that you catch once in a while for a coffee and a chat too. 

3. Chill Saturdays
Breakfast in bed, comfy clothes and binge-watching Daredevil with your favourite person is what grey Saturdays are for. On this rainy, cold Monday, I'm wishing that it was Saturday and we could do this all over again. 

4. Musical Theatre & talented friends
On Sunday we headed over to the Bishopsgate Institute to see my very lovely, talented friend Corey play in a performance of Ragtime. The last time I was at the Bishopsgate Institute I was about to sit my first final year uni exam, and it was a relief to walk in without crippling anxiety, and knowing I still had to sit there for three hours, but that no one expected me to do anything. I'd never seen, or even heard of, Ragtime before - and my response was that it's a bit of a bizarre musical, smushing lots of different ideas together in a sort of cohesive but also not kind of way. But the music was great. There were some incredible voices in the cast, and the orchestra was really great. There's something really heartwarming about seeing one of your friends doing something they absolutely love, and being able to see what a great time they're having. Thanks for the invite, Corey!

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