Monday, 13 June 2016

Happy Mondays #21

Hi, it's Monday and I am no longer a student. Officially. I think that's something to be happy about in itself. No more essays or exams or perilous waiting for results, I'm a graduate and I can put BA (Hons) next to my name. Awesome. It's been a (mostly) fun week, catching up with friends, enjoying the sun...and also sitting at a desk freezing my tits off whilst it's super sunny outside because everyone else in this office seems to be having hot flushes. But hey, at least I'm not sweaty and I least I now have some money. It was also the week my brother came home from uni. He's been back less than 24 hours and I'm already anticipating heated debates about who's using the car, and why he can't wash up...but it does mean I have someone to watch Judge Rinder with now. Silver linings. 

The things that have made me happy this week...

1. Completing my degree
Sure, I finished my exams a few weeks ago, and since there's been nothing I can do to influence the fate of my degree. However, results-less, I still felt like it was lingering over me, and that I wasn't truly free of the whole thing. Friday was doomsday, and the whole day dragged. I'd looked at my watch approximately 7 billion times by the time it reached midday on Friday, so by 5pm I was so fidgety that I didn't care any more, I just wanted to know. As a very relieved Laura Warner BA(Hons) 2.1, I went out for a lovely celebratory meal, overlooking Tower Bridge, with beers and guinea hen a'plenty. What a Friday. So that's the end of an era: I'm proud that I did it, but boy oh boy am I happy it's over. 

2. Shabnam's final recital
Shabnam and I have been friends since year 9 Spanish when we bonded over each other's disgusting boyfriends. If that's not the the basis for a solid friendship then I don't know what is. This week I went to her final recital at music college, realising that in all the years of knowing her I've never actually heard her play the cello, I just knew she was good at it. If someone asked me if I wanted to sit in a room for an hour and listen to classical music then I wouldn't immediately jump at the opportunity, but watching Shabnam's recital was amazing and I loved every second of it. It must be such a terrifying experience to know your degree is resting on that one performance, and I felt so nervous on her behalf before going in. But she really had nothing to worry about. She was awesome. 

3. Sunny days in London
London is an exponentially more pleasant place to be in the sun. Unless you're on the Tube, then it's a sweaty, disgusting place to be. Luckily I wasn't, I was in Hyde Park, enjoying a lunchtime picnic date with Simon, reading, job applying, and mooching around Kensington High Street in search of sunglasses, shoe polish, and a cap which will look cool when I wear it backwards. After a few years of associating London with uni, studying and feeling weirdly guilty when I was doing stuff that wasn't studying, it was lovely to have a few days to just enjoy being there. I love how busy the London parks are when the sun comes out: from businessmen and women rolling up their sleeves and trousers as far as they possibly can to catch some lunchtime tan, to every dog owner within a 5 mile radius, to tourists venturing through on Boris Bikes. Come back soon sun. 

4. Hanging out with my best pal 
You know when your best friend lives a 4 minute drive away but you still don't get to see each other that often? That's us. A last minute change of plans has meant that we've got a whole week of hang time in Sussex together, and I'm pretty excited about it. We kicked it off on Saturday night with one of the best Thai meals I've ever had, and catch ups and Gogglebox in bed. My ambitious plans for the week are being somewhat hindered by the disgusting weather we're currently having, which does not seem to be shifting... But either way, we get to hang, we get to catch up, and we get to spend more time together than we have since we were at school! 

Have a lovely week. X

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