Monday, 30 May 2016

Happy Mondays #19

My, what a glorious first week of freedom it's been. It feels so long ago already that I was spending ten hours a day revising, and trudging into sweaty exam rooms with that horrible, yellow lighting that makes your eyes want to descend back into your face. I was worried that the end of uni would be this weird, anti-climactic experience whereby I was free to do whatever I wanted but actually I didn't really know what that was, and how to fill all the hours in my day. Whilst some mornings have felt like that, where I've been eating my Weetabix, watching Jeremy Kyle, wondering what I'm doing with my life, the large majority of my week has been really fun, catching up with life and getting in some much needed rest. 

It's hard to narrow down all the lovely things that have made me happy this week...!

1. Visiting Matt in Reading 
In my mind, my brother is still about 6 years old...just taller and hungrier. So going to visit him at uni where he kind of adults and fends for himself was a bit of an odd experience. I mean, his cupboards are literally just bread, pasta and risotto rice and his fridge seemed to be an eclectic mix of onions, yoghurt and Innocent smoothie; he's not emptied his recycling bin all year; he doesn't know what a non-fitted sheet is, and his room is full of biscuits - so it's like kind of teen boy meets grown man allowed to live by himself. ANYWAY. It was really fun. We went for a lovely meal at Bill's (where the waitress defs thought we were a couple, awks) and had a little wander round Reading. He showed me round his uni campus, which is pretty rad and even has a GIANT LAKE in the middle of it. Apart from that, we just chilled and had a massive catch up, and it was nice just to hang out with him for a couple of days. I'm looking forward to going back, seeing his new house next year and getting involved in HOUSE PARTY CENTRAL...whilst also making sure he eats fruit & veg and changes his bed sheets occasionally. 

2. Tea & catch ups with Amy 
Turns out that your last couple of terms of final year are really anti-social because everyone's so stressed and busy all the time. So, when exams are finally over, and everyone's still in London furiously trying to find/work more hours at a part-time job, you have the chance to catch up with all the people you've exchanged little more than a wave and a "how's your revision going?" for a couple of months. Amy and I headed to Yumchaa on Tottenham Court Road, grabbed a cup of tea (I had lemon sherbet tea and it was so great) and headed to sit out in the sun. It was so lovely to catch up, and chat with someone who's as confused about life and the future and how I'm ever going to get a job I enjoy as you...even if done so whilst watching a old lady feed seeds to pigeons perching literally all over her. 

3. Date night
Simon and I made a deal that we would take it in turns to arrange date nights, both so we make sure that we book them in, and to astound each other with our romantic and creative energies. I said I'd go first (basically because I already idea) and booked for us to go for drinks at the Sky Garden before going for a tasty Greek meal. The Sky Garden was so cool. We grabbed a drink at the, surprisingly, not too overpriced bar (for Central London) and began our little tour of the Sky Garden, made even more enjoyable by a great in-house band. The views are amazing and you can see for so far - I just wish I knew what all the buildings were! Before we left, we went out onto the balcony to enjoy the views a little better, and get a couple of pictures taken by the most lovely security guard (who literally did a photoshoot...!) Our hour time slot was up, so we headed on to The Hungry Donkey near Aldgate for some epically tasty Greek food. It definitely delivered, and we both left very full and very satisfied. If you're ever in the city/East and in search of a delicious and great value Greek meal, The Hungry Donkey is a must go!

4. Bank Holiday fun 
Last bank holiday I was revising, and this one I'm not, so that's something to be pretty excited about in itself. This was the first full weekend Simon and I have spent together in aaaages, free of boring life stuff and revision and prior engagements, so that was pretty exciting in itself too. But what made it ALL THE MORE EXCITING was date night plans, mooching in London plans, cooking plans, and a variety of other plans which we didn't actually have time to squeeze in. Saturday was a lazy morning, followed by a day of productivity and sun, and a date night of dreams (views and foods). Sunday was an early morning, a day in Central, mooching and coffee shops, and a walk back to Victoria from Soho...before collapsing in bed and watching movies. And Monday, today, was disappointingly grey but much needed sleepy day. Our initial plans to go and visit the British Wildlife Centre didn't quite come to fruition, and instead was a day of PlayStation, trip planning, mass meal making and chilling hard. I wish every weekend was a three day weekend! 

Enjoy the last couple of hours of your Bank Holiday Monday...and it's only a 4 day week!
Happy Monday! X

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