Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy Mondays #18

Big week. Such a big week. I am an incredible combination of exhausted, relieved and totally overjoyed. Monday began with an exam, and Friday finished with one...and that was it. The end. A big, sleepy whirlwind week. So even though a large part of last week was spent frantically cramming for my final exam on Friday, that's not really the bit I remember, because it finished so spectacularly, with so much to be happy about and thankful for. 

The things that have made me happy this week...

1. Finishing university
As cliché as it sounds, my university experience has quite literally been a rollercoaster ride. There have been bits of it that I've really enjoyed, and bits of it that have made me want to drop out right that second. It's been frustrating, and confusing, and overwhelming but I leave with a real sense of achievement. I walked out of my last exam feeling proud: that I hadn't given up, that I'd always worked hard even when I hated it and I didn't want to, that I'd met lots of lovely people, I'd tried new things, and that I am leaving a more thoughtful person with a whole new bank of fun facts and a better writing style. I spent such a large part of my second year wishing university was over, and such a large part of my third year wishing that the other years had been like this. My final year was hard, but it was challenging and busy and (mostly) interesting. I definitely don't miss it (yet), but maybe one day I will. If nothing else I will miss the friends I made, and the elite collection of awesome lecturers that made my university experience. 

2. UCLGeog party 2k16 
There was a lot of prosecco, a lot of cheese and a lot of geographers. And even though I don't really like prosecco, and I can't eat cheese, I love a geographer. It was so nice to get (nearly) everyone in a room together and celebrate the end of our degrees. It was nice to have a chance to chat to lecturers outside of the 'academic' setting, and share a beverage...or a handful of Fruitella. There were people I hadn't seen since my first year, because we'd taken different modules, who I'd totally forgotten about; people I've still never spoke to and still don't know their names; and the people who I've really gone through the last 3 years with. It's scary to think that the next time I may see some of these people will be at graduation, and some I may never see again. End of an era.  

3. Day of fun with my mum
Nothing says end of exams/end of uni like a celebratory trip to Bluewater, does it? An early morning, a power round the shops and finished off with a nice meal was the perfect end to the weekend. I am now the proud owner of a swish new suit for the job I am avoiding getting, and a lovely pair of heels. I am well prepared for my holiday, and in possession of some jazzy new pants. I obviously still came home and did an ASOS shop for the bits I couldn't get in the shop though. My mum enjoyed her first Krispy Kreme experience, astounded by the prospect of a lemon meringue doughnut and I made friends with the over-attentive waiter. All in all, a fabulous day...but I won't be able to afford another one for quite some time. 

4. Bae
When you're having a cup of tea with your Nan on a Monday afternoon and there's a knock at the door and a beautiful bouquet of roses, you know you're having a great day and you're a super lucky girl. I feel like my finishing uni is probably more of a relief for Simon than it is for me: no longer do you have to listen to me whine about it, proofread my essays, listen to my fun facts, and look after me when I feel like I just can't hack it any more. Thanks for seeing me all the way through it, and being the constant support, keeping me going and keeping me sane. 

Have a lovely week. X

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