Monday, 4 April 2016

Happy Mondays #11

MONDAY AGAIN? This is not just a happy Monday, this is an excellent Monday, because I am in Copenhagen with my favourite person. I've learned that if your day isn't full of happy Danish people, unlimited pastries, and a beautiful city then you're doing it wrong. I wish every Monday was like this.

This week I am happy because...

1. Copenhagen
It feels like forever since I've been on holiday, and this trip kind of feels a teensy bit like the beginning of travelling gap year of dreams - whilst I block out the reminder of remaining exams. Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and we're having a wonderful time here. It's calm, it's peaceful, there's so much to do and see, and there are bikes EVERYWHERE. Our highlights so far have been: the best hot dog of my life, an awesome boat tour, seeing the views over the city from the Round Tower, and visiting Alternative Christiana. Look out for a full post on my return! 

2. Matt's hoooome 
It's uni holidays and Matt's home! Admittedly I haven't seen that much of him, following an Easter weekend away, and jetting off to Copenhagen a few days later, but it's so nice having him around and I'm looking forward to more hang times when I'm back. Days spent at home are made infinitely better by having someone to binge watch The Bachelorette with, procrastinate remaining degree life with, and to put the kettle on for you. Stay here and don't leave me please. 

3. Easter eggs 
Last weekend was relatively egg-less. I had an egg, but I didn't really fancy it, and I left it at home whilst we zoomed off on countryside adventures. But now I'm back, and I'm all over the dairy free, dark chocolate egg goodness. I was treated to a Sainsbury's dark chocolate egg (which is surprisingly tasty) and a Montezuma dark chocolate egg with BUTTONS! If there's one thing I miss it's chocolate buttons, and these dark chocolate ones more than make up for it. There's something about Easter eggs, especially if they're kept in the fridge and they make that amazing crack sound when you break them, which is so great - and tastes way better than normal chocolate. 

4. New coat 
Hello, meet sensible Laura who's just invested in her first waterproof coat with a hood. Does this make me a grown up? I think so. In recent weeks/months/years I have regularly found myself hideously inappropriately dressed for the weather, often damp, often cold. But no more. In a post-dissertation effort to spend my way to bankruptcy, I purchased a Jack Wolfskin coat - not the most flattering coat you've ever seen, but it has a built in fleece and I feel like I'm being hugged forever. I'm still waiting for some proper, torrential rain so I can go and stand outside in it and see how wonderfully dry I stay. It's a great time to be alive.  

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