Monday, 21 March 2016

Happy Mondays #9

This week has been a largely excellent week. This is why...

1. I finished & handed in my dissertation
I am so happy right now. This time last year I was preparing my dissertation proposal, and last Friday I handed in the finished product - and I'm actually really proud of it. What felt like a totally insurmountable task a year ago, and like it would never come together a couple of months ago, is finally a completely printed, bound and handed in project that I never have to edit or proof read ever again. I was really worried about handing it in, and it took me 4 days after I'd actually finished it to submit it, because I knew that I'd worked so hard on it and wanted to make sure it was 100% error free and there was nothing else I could possibly ever add. But as soon as I handed it over on Friday afternoon, my god, I felt so liberated. The niggling nausea I'd felt all week was suddenly gone, and I was just so relieved. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching others hand theirs in, helping my best gal Holly sort out all the fiddly bits, and hand it in with 2 minutes to spare (well, still 3 days early) and it was great. I feel like reaching these milestones, and being able to do it with the people you've experienced your whole university journey with, is what these last couple of months of uni are all about. 

2. Miss Tapas
There's tapas, and then there's tapas. This is definitely tapas - the best Spanish food I've ever had inside or outside of Spain, or any other country for that matter. Undoubtedly the best restaurant in Peckham, Miss Tapas has kind of become our local and we endeavour to go once a month. Last week we went to celebrate the handing in of my dissertation and, as always, it was incredible and made me wish I could eat there every day. We ordered some beers, pushed the boat out and selected 7 dishes (it was too much), and polished it all off with a glass of sherry. The food is insane, the service is great and the staff are wonderful. It's not a budget meal, but it's not extortionate and, more importantly, is worth every penny. I already can't wait to go back. South Londoners/anyone willing to travel for incredible Spanish food, check it out: P.S. Get the pork! 

3. Adventure Team weekend part. 1
It has been a painfully long time since we've had some proper hang time with these guys and this weekend marked part 1 of upcoming adventures (part 2 is next weekend). An uncomfortably early start was instantly made better by seeing Fred from First Dates at the bakery, and followed into a perfect afternoon of goat feeding, cow stroking, lamb watching, GIANT BULL discovering and Wall-E watching, before a chilled evening of Indian/Chinese takeaway fusion, beers and board games. Literally what more could you want. Oh yeah, smoked salmon for breakfast and staycation planning. IT WAS SO FUN. I am super pumped for Easter weekend in the New Forest and summer Highland holidays with the most wonderful, hilarious, adventuring team!

4. The perfect Sunday afternoon
My ambitious working weekend didn't happen. It didn't happen when I woke up on Saturday morning before an afternoon of fun, and it didn't happen again on Sunday afternoon post-weekend of fun. And I am fine about that. Yesterday afternoon was hot showers, comfy clothes, a roast dinner, Superbad and an early night. It was everything I have ever wanted and needed. Yes please Sunday. 

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