Monday, 14 March 2016

Happy Mondays #8

It's on a Monday morning that I'm really glad I don't have a job. A second sleep, a lazy breakfast, and staring at my dissertation still in pyjamas with the sun beaming through the blinds - is that the student dream? Time finally feels like it's slowing down, and last Monday seems like forever ago, and man am I glad about it. It's been a pretty long week of uni work, and it's going to be another long couple of weeks, but they're my last proper weeks of uni and I've got plenty to be getting on with, so I'm trying not to wish them away too quickly. Having said that, I've got lots of fun things to look forward to on the other side which I'm pretty excited about. 

Today I'm happy because...

1. The 1975
I went to see The 1975 at Brixton Academy last week, and it blew my mind. I've always liked the band, but after Tuesday...and the subsequent addiction to their 2016 album, they're one of my favourites. Everything about the gig was so impressive, better than I ever could have imagined it would be, and I'm desperate to see them again. You can read a full review of the gig in yesterday's post: - and, if you haven't listened to their album I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of it go and do it now. It's perfect combination of chill and poptastic fun for Monday morning listening. 

2. Belated Mother's Day with my top ladiez 
We didn't quite get round to Mother's Day last weekend, deciding to celebrate it 6 days late...? My mum, nan and I went for a lovely meal at C├┤te Brasserie, and just had really chilled evening and a nice catch up. I can't remember the last time we did anything or went anywhere, just the three of us, so it was really nice to spend an evening together. I am also super impressed with the beautiful Mother's Day bouquet I bought from my mum (pictured above), which I did actually order in time for Mother's Day, and still looks amazing a week later. They're so pretty, smell amazing and came with a free vase! Good job Tesco. 

3. Spring
It's so sunny, right? It's awesome, and I feel like Spring is almost here. It's the first week in memory that every single walk to and from the station to uni has been done in the sun, and I haven't reached uni damp or blown about by huge gusts of wind. On Friday afternoon I even took off my coat. Mental. I can't wait for the days I can leave the house without gloves (my hands get really cold) and go out tights-less and bring my summer wardrobe down from the attic. Thanks Spring, keep it up, I need your warmth and your sun right now - and you're reminding me that summer is getting closer every single day! 

4. So many books 
Given the amount of uni work I have, and the endless list of readings I should be doing for my lectures, seminars, modules, essays, dissertation, I'm on a bit of a reading ban at home. The time I've allocated to reading fiction, and reading for pleasure, is on the train - and, since I spent at least an hour and a half on the train 6 days last week, I'm actually reading a lot and making my way through lots of books...a lot of really good books. I'm about half way through The Secret Life of Bees at the moment, which I'm loving, so expect a new Recent Reads post soon!

Happy Monday!
Enjoy this super Spring-like, sunny Monday. X


  1. Ohh I really want to see the 1975! Definitely loving their new album. I've been loving the warmer weather as well - finally feels like we are over Winter! Thanks so much for joining the happiness link up :D

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I would 100000% recommend seeing them if you can - they were so SO great. I know right! It's been such beautiful weather today and it's making me excited for summer :D


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