Friday, 18 March 2016

Dissertation Hand-in

I started writing this blog as a way to document my life, and as a space to talk about the things I thought needed talking about. It became a place where I wrote about the places I've been, the books I've read, the shows I've seen - and one which I hope was interesting to read, was relatable and made people want to think and talk about things. If you've been following my Happy Mondays posts, or you're a fellow student crawling towards the end of their final year, you'll know that the last couples of days, weeks, months have been a dissertation-fuelled-sometimes-enjoyable-sometimes-frustrating-mess. Even though I've actually really enjoyed researching and writing my dissertation, and it's definitely been my favourite module at university, it has also been the most stressful. I've semi-documented its progression on my blog, reached out to other bloggers to help me with the research, and today I thought I'd document its ending. It's like saying goodbye to a tiny stressful, 90 page baby who I kind of want to keep but I also can't wait not to have to read again for a while. 

So here it is, dissertation complete. 1 year, 12,000 words, 100 questionnaires, 25 interviews, weeks spent transcribing and coding 'til I couldn't see any more, and then cutting 5,000 words to finally have the finished product. At times it felt like it would never end. At other times I didn't understand what I was writing about, or why, and wished I'd just gone to look at some rocks. But there were just about no tears, no tantrums and I've given it in a couple of days early without humongous amounts of stress. Thank you to everyone that helped me out. You are all fabulous, generous people. The only thing left to do now is celebratory beers and tapas. 


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