Monday, 29 February 2016

Happy Mondays #6

At the beginning of this week I decided that I could only be happy again once I could breathe, see, hear and sleep. By the end of the week by happiness would solely be determined by a Gossip Girl lifestyle, a lifetime supply of hot cross buns, a beach holiday, and, you know, breathing, seeing, hearing etc. In my head-pounding, ear-ringing, eye-watering, nose-blowing state, I seem to only have been able to appreciate the very simplest things in life, and the most extravagant. A week later I am regaining my simplest desires, and just as far away from my others - but that's ok - because breathing was the main one anyway. 

This week I have been 99% miserable, but the few things that have made me happy are:

1. Unlimited sleep
Feeling under the weather is the only time when you are entitled to unlimited sleep, dozing, time in bed without any questions asked. In practice, when you're face is full of nasties, and if you lay down you can't breathe, sleep is made frustratingly difficult. Neither your scented candles nor your lavender pillow spray are much use when you can't smell anything. But as the week goes on, and you can sleep with fewer than 4 pillows, you can sleep all night long (and sometimes all morning) and you realise that you've probably stored enough sleep to help you last the inevitable sleep deprivation towards the end of term. I hope. 

2. Netflix
Usually sick days are opportunities to read all the books, but this week all I wanted was to sit and do nothing have someone force images into my eyes because my head was too sore to imagine them. It's times like this when I am so thankful for my Netflix subscription, and that I don't have to fill my days with Bargain Hunt and Come Dine with Me. This week was particularly emotional in that I finally finished Gossip Girl, the series I've been watching religiously and been in love with since October. I was worried that the ending would be hopeless, since the endings of my favourite series usually are, but oh my god it was perfect and I was so happy. I have spent every day since finishing researching the NYC Gossip Girl bus tour, how much it costs to stay at The Empire and whether I could ever, one day, possibly become Blair. I also rewatched the entirety of Gavin & Stacey for the millionth time - the ultimate feel good; tried and failed at Game of Thrones and have just started to watch Gotham. I can feel this Netflix habit getting unhealthy. 

3. Marks & Spencer Stem Ginger Hot Cross Buns
By the time Saturday arrived I was going stir-crazy. Having not left the house since Monday morning, I couldn't remember what the outside was like - or how to walk further than from my bed to the kitchen (and back). So I ventured out in to town, ready to buy stuff to make me happy: some eyebrow pencil, pants and cold & flu supplies later I discovered the most amazing creation... STEM GINGER HOT CROSS BUNS. I am a hot cross bun fiend at the best of times, I am a huge fan of everything ginger - and this is the best combination ever in the world. On their own, toasted with butter (and jam), or with ice cream, these are the dream. I recommend you all go and buy some this second. 

4. The pugs of Instagram 
Pugs are one of my main sources of happiness on the best of days. On days spent in bed with only a box of tissues for company, having unlimited access to pictures and videos of pugs at my fingertips is a wonderful reality. It's even better when you don't have to find the pictures yourself, and Simon sifts through them to send you the best of the bunch to cheer you up. I hope that next time I have the flu, there's a real pug laying on my bed with me. 

Sometimes the most mundane things make you the happiest.
Here's for a more exciting, less congested week. 
Happy Monday! x

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