Monday, 22 February 2016

Happy Mondays #5

On a Monday morning where you wake up at 3am with daggers in your throat, a face so congested you feel like it could explode at any minute and ears so sore you can't hear properly AND THEN you have to battle with commuters, delayed trains, signalling problems, rain, unnecessarily chatty taxi drivers, all before you get home to put on a clean pair of pyjamas and drown your sorrows in Lemsip and know it's not looking to be a very happy Monday. I did get looked after by Simon and have raisins on my porridge though, so it's not all bad. And I've had a nice week with plenty to be grateful for. I've enjoyed my last ever reading week at university - mostly spent watching crap tv with my brother and procrastinating essay writing - but I feel slightly more back on top of things and ready to face my last half of term head on...I think. 

Today I'm happy because...

1. I got to spend the week with Matt 
Since writing the guest post on Sibling Love a couple of weeks ago I've been looking forward to Matt coming home from uni for the week. Living at home, with my parents, by myself is kind of lame and made infinitely better by Matt being around. Who doesn't want someone to watch Tattoo Fixers and Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares with; to bitch about their essay to; and to beg them to utilise their marketing degree and help them think of a catchy dissertation title? It sucks that the week's already up, and he's back at uni, but at least he's not eating all the good food any more. 

2. I got to book lots of exciting things
Booking tickets for my graduation this week was exciting, primarily because it feels like the end is not only in sight, but in reach. I'm looking forward to graduating with my friends, celebrating with my family and feeling like there's a really definitive end to my time at university. I also booked a trip away for Simon and I as a surprise birthday holiday. Even though his birthday isn't until August, and we're not going until September, my combination of compulsive organisation and love of buying / booking birthday presents was just too much to wait any longer. The only trouble now is that I've got to keep the location secret for such a long time! 

3. I had a hilarious night at Proud Cabaret City 
Proud Cabaret City is a venue located near Fenchurch Street, putting on cabaret and burlesque shows every weekend. I was lucky enough to receive tickets for my birthday. so we went along last Saturday, dressed like we had just stepped out of the 1920s, not really sure what to expect. The show began with our compere for the evening, Miss Chastity Belt, and a number from Cabaret the Musical. Throughout the evening we saw performances from a belly dancer, a burlesque dancer and an acrobat (a man in/on/hanging from a hoop) - all of which were good fun. I don't think I'll ever go back, but it was a real laugh and I'm definitely glad we went (full review to follow). 

4. Harper Lee
Hearing about the death of Harper Lee last week was really upsetting. To Kill a Mockingbird was the first grown up book I read, and has definitely been one of the most influential books I've ever read. There are some books that we've read that really make us feel; they make us think differently, they change our perspectives, they help us "climb into his skin and walk around in it". As bizarre as this sounds, reading To Kill a Mockingbird made me interested and very genuinely concerned about discrimination from quite a young age. It wasn't something I'd ever experienced and, as a pre-teen, not something I knew very much about. It was certainly a trigger to make me want to understand and change the prejudice faced by many, and I'm sure it's had an effect on rallying this kind of support and disgust amongst many others. Embarrassingly, Go Set a Watchman is still on my bookshelf, untouched - but I think now might be the time to pick it up. 

Happy Monday all!
Hope yours isn't as snotty as mine

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