Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Mondays #4

It may be Monday, but it is also the start of my final EVER university reading week. So that means that it's basically still the weekend (even though I don't go to uni on Mondays anyway), and I can stay in my pyjamas, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, read, watch tv and make a list of all the things I'm going to do...maybe start that essay, maybe. Plus, my brother's coming home from uni! This week has f l o w n by. I can't really remember what happened all week, or what I've done, but  it was finished with a perfect weekend, celebrating Valentine's Day with Simon. 

The things making me happy today are...

1. Valentine's weekend
If you've seen this weekend's post, you'll know that I am experimenting with Valentine's Day this year for the first time, properly. When I say properly I mean that I whipped out a nice bottle of wine, cooked some scallops and made a sticky toffee pudding. If that doesn't say romance then I don't know what does. A day of flopping in our pyjamas, watching Traffic Cops and eating houmous was followed by a day out at Wakehurst Place, walking off our meal from the night before, breathing all the fresh air and enjoying being away from London/work/uni/the indoors. It wasn't fancy, and we didn't dress up or go out or buy lavish gifts, but it was fun. We got to spend the whole weekend together, just the two of us, and chill really hard. I think I like Valentine's Day. I'll be seeing you again. 

I love babies, a lot. Every time I see I baby I feel all warm and fuzzy - unless it's crying, doesn't have sufficient chub or someone's asking me to look after it for more than 20 minutes. My next-door neighbours had a beautiful little girl last week, baby Sadie, and I got to see her and hold her and hold her TINY FINGERS last Thursday. It was awesome. Seeing how absolutely enamoured her parents are with her, and how adorable she is immediately made me think I want one of these. Then her mum told me about the horrors of her C-section, breastfeeding and was over the moon that she got a whole 6 hours sleep the night before - interrupted by a breast feed, of course. If there's one thing I love it's an 8 hour sleep. I'm not giving that up in a hurry for anyone or anything - tiny and cute, or not. 

3. 'Me time' 
Living back at home is kind of weird in that you very rarely have time to yourself. My weekdays are spent at uni, at the library, working; my weekends are spent in London with Simon; and my evenings are spent with parents/friends. It's been a long time since I've had an entire day, or even an entire evening, to myself - uninterrupted with very little else to do. This week, whilst my parents have been on holiday, I've had so much time to chill and do exactly what I want to do - after I'd searched the house for murderers and before I was too scared to sleep (lol). I was definitely ready for Simon to come up at the weekend, and for Matt to come home from uni tomorrow - there's only so many evenings you want to watch Hell's Kitchen by yourself - but it's been nice for a bit. 

4. Gossip Girl
I'm not even a tiny bit embarrassed that this is one of my favourite things about the last week. After an epic scare last weekend that Gossip Girl was going to be removed from Netflix today, and I'd have to watch 23 episodes in a week to finish it before it disappeared forever, I discovered it was a vicious rumour and I can return to leisurely watching. I was super late to the party with Gossip Girl, only starting in October/November 2015, but it is one of my favourite tv series ever - if not my absolute favourite. I feel like my journey with Gossip Girl has been a real rollercoaster, and other fans will totally understand what I mean. I've gone from loathing Chuck Bass to developing the biggest crush ever on him; from wishing I was Serena to actually feeling sorry for her and wanting to give her a little pat on the head; and from aching to live on the Upper East Side to thinking that I would actually love to live in the loft in Brooklyn. Gossip Girl is life. 

Happy Monday all
Have happy, lovely, s p e c t a c u l a r weeks! 

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