Monday, 8 February 2016

Happy Mondays #3

It's been a long week, a really long week. And a really short weekend. The realisation that I'm almost half way through term, with plenty of impending deadlines has meant I've been confined to my desk, and in a bit of a eat - sleep - work routine. However, it has been a productive week with some fun things interspersed! 

Today I am happy because...

1. I got to spend Tuesday evening at the theatre with some lovely friends 
Theatre dates with drama friends are the best kind of dates. This week I was lucky enough to be invited to see my talented friend Corey play in the band for Cabaret The Musical - and went along with our friend, Fred. I haven't been to the theatres in a g e s so it was really nice to go and see a show, especially one that I already know and love. I'd forgotten how good the songs were, and keep finding myself singing them. Obviously the show itself was made by the wonderful band - particularly the violin...! Show aside, it's always lovely to catch up with these guys - and plan in plenty more trips, lunches and gatherings

You know when you're reading, writing, researching, staring at something for so long it, first, becomes stale and, second, starts to drive you crazy? Yeah, that. After 6 months of dissertation work, particularly in the last month or so, I was starting to get really frustrated with it, aching to finish a draft, and get my supervisor to take it off my hands for a couple of weeks. I promised myself I'd finish a draft this week and get it sent off if it killed me and I managed it and I am, just about, still here. I'm relieved that I've managed to get this far without getting bored with it, and when I am working on it, it is interesting and I feel like it is actually a bit meaningful - but man am I glad not to have to look at it for a few weeks. Just trying not to think of all the editing, improving, cutting I'm going to have to do when it comes back...

3. My mum 
Sometimes it's really hard to be a grown up and, during those times, having your mum around to be a grown up for you and tell you what to do and fill the fridge with food is excellent. I feel like everyday last week, I got home and was like "MUM HELP ME SORT THIS PROBLEM" - be it the fact I've got 30 mins to decide, cook and eat dinner or realising the first part of your gap year of dreams plan is gradually becoming less and less of a dream and you don't know what to do about it. She's there. And I needed that this week. 

4. Sunday bed day 
Breakfast in bed. Run to the shops, buy lunch, get back into bed. Dinner, followed by bed. 

Happy Monday! x

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