Monday, 1 February 2016

Happy Mondays #2

It's been a bit of a dark, wet and windy week - and I don't really do well at winter weather. Waking up when it's dark, feeling like it never really brightens up during the day, and it being night time again before you know it are the worst days. But, even in the darkest days, there is light and plenty of things to be grateful for. 

This week I am happy about...

1. Dissertation progress 
I have been reading for, researching or writing my dissertation for almost a year, and in the last week I've really started to see it all start to come together. The reading's behind me, the research is collaborated and now the analysis is finished. This week has been about putting it altogether, tying up loose ends, realising I haven't included interesting/unusual/hilarious things, and finally feeling like I might have a proper project to submit come March. I'm simultaneously excited and terrified about handing in a draft - relieved to get it off my hands for at least a week or two, but super nervous that it'll come back covered in comments and improvements. The good news is, I'm not bored of it yet, so if it needs another month's work, it hopefully won't be too arduous. 

2. A blog rebrand
I started this blog back in 2013 and it has, admittedly, evolved quite considerably since. I'm still not 100% happy with it though, and feel like it needs a bit of a revamp. I've spent lots of time this week coming up with new designs and ideas for a new name with the help of some very patient friends/brother/boyfriend, and feel like I now have a vision. It's been a really frustrating process - coming up with names and finding out they're already taken or are actually a Hugh Grant film; designing logos which your brother tells you look like a crime novel or a shoe brand; before finally hitting the jackpot. After a long weekend of logo designing (here's looking at you Simon), domain buying, layout altering and code fiddling, I am much happier with my blog - its name, how it looks, and feel like it better suits my writing. I hope you guys like it too!

3. Friday treats
I've decided that 'Friday treats' are going to be a thing. For the last few weeks, with thanks to O2 Priority Moments, I've been buying Simon treats (cookies) on a Friday afternoon, which basically guarantees a good weekend. The only problem is that I can never eat any of them because they're always full of milk chocolate/butter, and I get cookie envy. This week I O2 Priority treated us to a free Hotel Chocolat slab - but, of course, you can't just get one slab. When it's buy two get one half price, you obviously need to get three to maximise on the bargain. I went for a white chocolate cookies and cream (for Simon), a dark fruit and nut slab and some hazelnut and ginger dark chocolates (for sharing me). Hotel Chocolat chocolate is always amazing, and they have such a good selection of dark/dairy free products which is literally my dream. May this be the beginning of a long reign of Friday treats.   

4. A really nice week at uni
So when I say week I actually mean Thursday and Friday, because those are the only days I have lectures. But they were a really nice Thursday and Friday. I had some good lectures, coffee/lunch with friends, a nice meeting with my tutor and, for the first time since I started my degree, I think I actually know what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm doing it. I've got 6 weeks of teaching left which is a weird thought and, although I am really looking forward to all the essays and exams and stress being over, I also feel a bit sad because I'm just starting to enjoy it. Time is going crazy fast compared to this time last year where it just d r a g g e d and I've still got so much left to do. Wait for me to catch up! 

I hope you all have a good week.
Happy Monday! x

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