Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dissertation playlist

There are only so many days you can sit in silence. Then you have two options: create a playlist or become slowly submerged in hysteria. I thought I'd attempt the former first. The purpose of the playlist was:
1) So I don't have to sit in silence
2) Keep me motivated
3) Mellow me in moments (hours) of frustration and confusion

So where to start? Well, 2016 is the year I become an unashamed Belieber so, inevitably, the playlist had to kick off (and end) with Biebs. Sorry has a place in my head 24/7 at the moment, and I find myself singing it, in my head and out loud, in the shower, when I'm driving and whenever I decide someone is lucky enough to deserve a performance. The Weeknd's 2015 album Beauty Behind The Madness was one of my faves of 2015, and is so perfectly chilled for working music. A bit of Ryan Adams for an extra dose of chill, before delving into something a bit more old school and impulsive in the form of Sum 41. I love rediscovering a classic song, especially one that reminds me of a time when I wasn't writing my dissertation, and that's why I chose to include some blink-182 and my most recent incredible rediscovery, Michelle Branch. I don't really like Adele and I think 90% of all her songs sound the same, but my god do I love singing along to Hello - I picture myself in the music video every single time and pretend I'm a mysterious lady. Ed Sheeran is perfect for any occasion; Hotline Bling makes me want to get moves like Drake; I'm psyched about seeing Pvris live; and Bring Me The Horizon create the most epic rhythms...which I'm learning to type in time to. 

I'm hoping this playlist will spur me through the next 47 days. See you on the other side!


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