Monday, 18 January 2016

Blue Monday

A great night's sleep, a productive weekend, and still high off the excitement of snow, I woke up this morning in a really good mood. But then I discovered the notion of Blue Monday. My first thought was that I actually quite like Mondays, but then again I don't have a job, so Monday isn't really any different to Sunday. My next thought was that was that Blue Monday is a bizarre, a ridiculous and an unhelpful concept. The media love to perpetuate an "I hate Mondays, aren't Mondays the WORST" culture far greater than any individual's actual experience of Mondays, and Blue Monday just takes this to the next level. So instead of spending today thinking about how we're all failing at our new year's resolutions, chubby and poor from Christmas, and have really cold toes, why don't we just focus on all the really good things and all the things that make us happy. 

Today I'm happy because... 

1. I have dairy free cheese
After months of searching for dairy free alternatives for everything, the only thing I was still deprived off was cheese. I tried some vegan cheese a couple of months ago, but it was like that weird chewy burger cheese and I decided it wasn't worth it. Yesterday I finally found some Arla lactofree cheddar, and it is a game changer. It tastes like real cheese, it isn't too crumbly and it melts amazingly. Cheese and pineapple, melted cheese on crumpets, cheese and crackers...and that was only yesterday. I am unreasonably excited to make up for 6 months worth of cheeselessness. 

2. I didn't come last in a PlayStation DriveClub race 
"If you can't beat them, join them" - this is the attitude I'm gradually embracing with regard to Simon and his PlayStation 4. I don't like a fighting game, and I get too confused about which control is for moving and which is for looking and end up running around, looking at the sky, and then getting shot. We decided a driving game might be safer. After a couple of weekends of getting to grips with DriveClub I completed my first ever race on Saturday morning where I didn't come 12th...out of 12th. I did come 11th admittedly, and my racing driver career is still on hold, but this was definitely progress... 

3. I had a really productive weekend
Very rarely do I do university work at weekends - I prefer to work super hard all week and then have weekends off. Girl gotta have a break, right? But this Sunday I found myself at a bit of a loss, so smashed loads of reading so I could spend the week focusing on my dissertation and smashing that too. It's currently 11am on Monday morning and all I've done so far is make a map (true geographer) but I will write this analysis if it kills me. I've decided that I owe it to all the lovely people who gave up their time to talk to me about their dating habits to make sure I analyse so hard, and make them part of some obviously seminal cyber geography work. I also should do it because, you know, it's my degree. 

4. Planning ADVENTURES! 
I keep getting really excited about post-degree life, and then remembering all the things I need to do before I get there. The thought of lots of travelling and trips the other side of dissertation/essay/exam stress, however, is getting me through. My annual excitement for a summer of fun is a billion times multiplied at the thought of a year of fun! The hardest bit is trying to narrow down where to go, when to go and what to do from my infinite list of lifetime travel goals. 

So on this Blue Monday, whether you're feeling blue or not, think about all the things that are making you happy. Don't be blue because someone says you have to - there'll be worse Mondays.
What is making you happy today? 


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