Monday, 26 October 2015


“Friendship is born at that moment when one man says to another:
"What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . ."”
- C.S Lewis 

Last week started perfectly well and ended positively awfully - for no real reason. I woke up on Friday in one of those moods that you think you'll never escape: when you're miserable, bored, whiney and thoroughly unpleasant to anyone unfortunate enough to come across you. It really sucked. 

But then came the weekend. Ok, that didn't start particularly well either...but then it was wonderful. And that's because I have wonderful friends. Moving houses, new houses, work, holidays, LIFE had meant that we hadn't spent much time together in ages and a catch up was well overdue. Soon an afternoon 'watching the rugby' became pumpkin carving, cooking (and consuming) inordinate amounts of veggie chilli and jelly (dairy free puddings ftw), beers and snowballs, horror films, and a SLEEPOVER. And that wasn't even the end: an extra hour in bed, bacon and jam sandwiches, trip to the farm, autumnal countryside walk, Sunday roast. It was literally the dream weekend. 

This weekend made me so happy and so thankful that I have such amazing, hilarious people around me: friends who compare farting habits; friends with whom I can offer boob pain support - it's actually your diaphragm, who knew; friends who will sing the Tracy Beaker theme tune with me of a Sunday morning; and friends who I want to buy and live on a farm with. Having such a fun weekend made me super keen to plan in more weekends together, day trips, dinners, Netflix and chill (before it meant sex) - and suddenly it became 'what are you doing for Halloween? Bonfire Night? New Year? When can we go fancy dress shopping? Can we plan this weekend in December?' It's just too exciting. 

And it got me thinking: how awesome are friends? I think it's so easy to get totally wrapped up in your own life that you forget about all the great people you have around you, and don't always make as much time for them as you should. It made me think that we should all, myself especially, take some time out to get back in touch with our friends, find out how they're doing, what they're up to, go for dinner with them because that's what friends do, right? It's made me think about all the great times I've had with friends with whom I've not spoken to for years, and made me want to message them RIGHT NOW to reminisce and work out how we can have all that fun again. It's made me want to have a sleepover, on the world's snazziest blow up air bed, every night. 

Thank you friends, for being my friends, and for reminding me that best friends are the best. 

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