Wednesday, 18 March 2015

I'm 21 and colouring is my favourite new hobby

When I was 17, my mum spent months trying to help me find something that I find relaxing. In the build up to A Level stress, coming to terms with being utterly hopeless at driving and wondering if I'd ever learn how to parallel park, and all the other teenage woes (spots, eyebrows, braces, MEN), I found myself forever tense and unable to switch off. I tried everything. Baths made me too hot, I wasn't very good at knitting, running was not for me, and I can't sit still long enough to watch films. 

And then it came to me, and I rediscovered my love of colouring. I'd always loved doing arts and crafts as kid, even though I'm far from artistic - my art teacher at school begged my not to take GCSE Art because I could only be trusted with collage - and it seemed to come full circle. I found myself printing pictures, mainly of Disney characters (obviously), from the internet to colour in, just as I'd done when I was 10 - throwback to The Bubblegum Club. I'd spend hours happily sitting there, colouring for hours. 

In the last 4 years I've got over myself a bit, but still occasionally struggle with the life of a number 1 worrier. And then came 2015, a game-changing year for colouring...

It came in the form of 'Art Therapy: An Anti-Stress Colouring Book'

There are 104 different patterns and designs, all extremely intricate - which is what makes them so satisfying to colour in. It does take absolutely ages to finish a page but once you commit to your colouring - whilst you're watching tv, over a weekend breakfast or, my new favourite, procrasti-colouring - it does come together. 

Here are my latest creations:

So, for stress-beating, art therapy or just a bit of childhood regression, I'd 100% recommend giving the anti-stress colouring book a go!


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