Friday, 9 August 2013

"My words fly up, my thoughts remain below...

...Words without thoughts never to heaven go".

These words from 'Hamlet' became the inspiration for my blog. Shakespeare's Claudius, the master of these words, ensures that they are portrayed, contextually at least, with angst and guilt. Whilst they definitely don't carry the same moralistic and religious undertones in my reinvention, I can't help but think that my desire to coalesce my thoughts and words into something eloquent and worthwhile echoes Claudius' own supplication. The inclination to expound my thoughts with words perhaps reflects Claudius' compunction, that his words will convene to eliminate impenitent thoughts.

So, perhaps it is that I have too many thoughts, which consequently leads me to feel that too many things are left unsaid, or that thoughts and words are too often emaciated in casual conversation; or, indeed, that I wish I had the words and the opportunity to elucidate more of my thoughts. 

'Words Fly Up' was thus born out of my predilection to, at the very least, provide an outlet for documenting the range of cultural experiences I've been lucky enough to have; and ensuring that my words and thoughts coincide somewhere between 'up' and 'below'.

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